const { Client } = require("oceanic.js");
const client = new Client({ auth: "Bot [TOKEN]" });

client.on("ready", async() => {
console.log("Ready as", client.user.tag);

client.on("error", (err) => {
console.error("Something Broke!", err);


For more examples, see the examples folder on GitHub.


NodeJS 16.16.0 or higher is required.

See Development Builds if you wish to install in-dev versions.

npm i oceanic.js --no-optional

If you need voice support, remove --no-optional. Voice support is currently provided by @discordjs/voice.

See the examples folder on GitHub for some examples, and visit this site for documentation.

Development Builds

npm i oceanic.js@dev

The documentation under dev is always for the latest commit. If something isn't working that's in the documentation, you're likely looking at the wrong documentation.

Optional Dependencies

  • pako - Compression (gateway)
  • zlib-sync - Compression (gateway, faster than pako)
  • erlpack - Encoding (gateway, alternative to JSON)